Biofresh 3 step set, for healthy glowing skin. The perfect christmas gift!!



The best skincare regimen starts with our new 3 STEPS FOR HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN!

The promo kit contains

Step 1- Cleanse (Probiotic Cleansing Milk 200ml)

Step 2- Tone (Rose Water Toner 230ml)

Step 3- Moisturise (Probiotic Collagen Expert Day Cream 50ml)

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Probiotic technology in skincare is proven to reduce cellular damage by up to 50% and activate cellular renewal by up to 70%.Our yogurt probiotic was synthesized from living bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and isolated using high-tech processes.Probiotics are becoming the latest trend in the beauty industry as recent studies are showing their health promoting effects include powerful skin health benefits.Topical application of probiotics also helps strengthen natural skin defences,lower the stress level in the skin and re-balance the skins PH level.A healthy environment of the good bacteria helps skin fight against damage caused by free radicals,allergens and other environmental factors.By calming inflammation and acting as a barrier that forms a protective shield for the skin’s surface.Probiotic are also effective in targeting wrinkles and skin-aging aggressors.They can help hydrate skin,improve its elasticity and reduce sensitivity and sun damage.

* Proven Probiotic Technology

* Suitable for all skin types

* Natural Products

* Excellent Skin Tolerance

* Dermatologist Tested

* Paraben Free

* Not tested on Animals