Ormedic balancing facial cleanser

This mild gel cleanser gently sweeps away impurities, leaving skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. A nourishing complex with organic aloe vera and botanical extracts soothes delicate skin. The satiny texture restores softness and balance.


Product Description

The ORMEDIC® Balancing Facial Cleanser is designed to cleanse and nourish the skin while adhering to clean and ethical standards. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and ingredients:
Gentle Cleansing: The ORMEDIC® Balancing Facial Cleanser is formulated to gently remove impurities from the skin, without causing irritation. It is suitable for daily use to keep the skin clean and refreshed.
Apply and massage into wet skin for 1 minute, then rinse with cool water. Use morning and evening.
Top selling cleanser with fresh, clean scent

Gently lathers away dirt, makeup and impurities utilizing sulfate-free cleansing ingredients

Hydrates and refreshes the skin

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